Hazani Torres

Diego Rodriguez

Jadyn Leblond

Jovany Tovar

Jovany is a big, strong, agile canter back or defensive inside mid. He has been a starter for us since he was a freshmen. Jovany just keeps getting better and is coachable. Great kid on and off the field.

Alexea Leon

Alexei is a fantastic player with very strong one on one skills, great speed and smart player. He plays in the back for club but mostly on attack for high school. Alexei is the captain of the team as a junior and a great leader that will play wherever he can help the team the… Continue reading Alexea Leon

Fernando Lazo

High work rate. Strong tackler. Aggressive. Left footed. Good technical abilities.

Diego Flamenco

Left footed. Technical and likes to run at people. 2 Year Varsity Starter.

Daniel Ejerenwa

Strong and fast. Good in spaces. Good running at players. 3 Year Varsity Starter.

Ben Aviles Vera

2023 All American. 2023 State Tournament Team. 2023 All- State. All- Region. Record holder for lowest goals against average and most shutouts. Quality with feet. Quick. Second save capability.

Hayden Lasida